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Introductory General Chemistry Resources

Take a quiz on General Chemistry Knowledge A general quiz for knowledge you should have coming into University General Chemistry.
Lewis Structures
And now an Online Test
A brief summary of how to get a Lewis Structure, determine formal charges and resonant structures. Now including an online test using MarvinSketch provided by ChemAxon.
A visual guide to VSEPR using Jmol
anaglyph glassess A brief introduction to VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) theory and the rules including an online test. A single page with all the VSEPR geometries or a single page with larger display.
Take a quiz on VSEPR A series of linked questions on Lewis structures and VSEPR.
The Jmol-Viewer
3D Molecules using Jmol
anaglyph glassess Structures of a large selection of inorganic, organic and biological molecules, including crsytal structures. 3D available using anaglyphic glasses.
The Hydrogen Atomic Orbitals A visual guide to the wavefunctions and probability distribution of the Hydrogen Atomic Orbitals using Jmol.
There is also a simplier visual representation of the Hydrogenic Atomic Orbitals available, or as planar slices through the orbitals, both also using Jmol.
The Chemical Bond: an Orbital Perspective A visual guide to the formation of Sigma (σ) and Pi (π) bonds using Jmol, including bond types such as (electronegativity, covalent, polar covalent, and ionic bonding) and dipole moments
Valence Bond Theory and Hybridization A visual guide to Valence Bond Theory and Hybridization using Jmol
Molecular Orbital Theory A visual guide to MO theory using diatomics and π systems (using Jmol)
Chemistry through Electron Density
anaglyph glassess An introduction to using Electron Density and Electrostatic Potentials to explain Chemical and Physical properties of Atoms and Molecules.
Solid State Structures
anaglyph glassess An introduction to solid state chemistry, unit cells, crystal structures and packing of ionic and molecular solids using Jmol.
Basic Inorganic Nomenclature A tutorial including interactive online quizzes on Inorganic Nomenclature.
Simple Organic Nomenclature
anaglyph glassess An introduction to Organic Nomenclature suitable for first year General Chemistry (or high school), including interactive online quizzes. This is based on the 1993 IUPAC Organic Nomenclature recommendations, i.e. but-2-ene.
General Chemistry Links to useful General Chemistry sites on the web